What worked?

Adam's story

As a birth partner, I found that hypnobirthing gave me practical and pragmatic tools to support my wife throughout labour. I liked that the resources we were given were evidence based. 

Emma shared a lot of really helpful information about the different stages of birth and how to create the ideal environment to encourage labour to progress, which really helped me visualise and plan ways to be helpful during our baby’s birth. 

I found the most useful tools were the various “relaxations” which allowed me to play a more active role in our baby’s birth, in the weeks leading up to it and during it. Emma is a good listener and was able to pick up on concerns we had and find ways to change our mindset about them where needed, allowing both of us to feel even more excited about the birth.




Thank you so much for everything. Lee and I have throroughly enjoyed coming to see you and have found everything you have taught us so helpful and positive. Colette


Thanks so much for everything! Your course has helped me feel more empowered and able to assert the wishes of Serena and myself for the birth, and not feel so helpless! Charlie


Emma has a lovely non-judgemental approach and tailored the course perfectly to suit our situation. Hannah S