Not your first time?

Additional Information

Parents who are pregnant with their second or subsequent babies also contact me for courses.  I would love you to join my group courses but I know that arranging care for your older children can make this more difficult.  

Depending on the preparation for your previous birth or births, how you feel  about how it went (which is usually more important than how you may factually describe it) and how your current pregnancy is going will  depend on what might be most helpful.

Refresher package 

Two sessions of 2 hours duration in the comfort of your own home.

The first session would focus on the use of the overall approach including a reminder of the physical processes involved, relaxation, visualisation, affirmations, breathing and self-hypnosis.  

We don't use our time together to talk about this but this session is  usually a good prompt to ensure practicalities are discussed including care of any older children and what was and wasn't helpful in the 'supplies' bag for home or hospital so that plans can be made.  

In the second session we deepen the focus including a fear release script to ensure that you and your birthing partner feel prepared to use a  variety of techniques on your baby's birthing day.  My hourly rate is £110 but for this package of 4 hours I charge £300.  

Bespoke options

If neither the group class or the Refresher package fits for you please do contact me and we can work out a plan based on your particular needs.  

As a Clinical Psychologist I am also trained in working with people who have experienced trauma, perhaps in their early life, their adult relationships or their previous birth.  I don't currently offer private  individual therapy to address any of these experiences but I am able to  tailor the HypnoBirthing Course in the context of your experience as needed.