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From woman to woman and from each baby to baby, every birth is unique. Unfortunately people often love to tell you 'horror' stories about their sister's best friend's neighbour's birth rather than share experiences designed to celebrate this amazing event.

An important component of the HypnoBirthing 'toolkit' is using visualisation. Having examples to draw upon can really help you look forward to your birthing day with interest and excitement.

Congratulations to the parents below on their birthing days and thank you to them for sharing their accounts so that others may benefit.


Birth Stories

Vicki's Story

We knew the benefits of hypnobirthing from our first induced and unmedicated birth in 2017.  Hypnobirthing kept me so calm the midwives did not believe I was in labour and only admitted me to the labour ward when I was already 10cm dilated!

We decided to do some ‘top up’ sessions with Emma, partly as a reminder of the principles (as baby brain had wiped most of my memory!) and also as a way of dealing with the issues arising from our first birth. 

Her support and advice was invaluable and really helped us to reset our thinking and to go into this birth with an open mind, not hindered by the effects of the first traumatic delivery.  

The ‘fear release’ session in particular was incredibly helpful in allowing us to let go of the painful memories and view this as a completely different birthing experience, which we were in control of. 

We had hoped for a birth-centre, unmedicated birth but had agreed with the hospital that if we were to go significantly overdue, we would not have an induction but would have a c-section instead (my first baby was over 2 weeks overdue and there were complications during the induction). 

Despite lots of surges over the course of the two weeks leading up to the due date and afterwards, baby showed no signs of actually wanting to enter the world. So we had a planned c-section on 19 November. 

Even though I did not have a natural delivery in the end, the hypnobirthing breathing techniques were very useful whilst experiencing surges in the weeks in the run up to the delivery and to keep me calm during the c-section, in particular whilst getting the epidural. 

Whatever type of birth you are planning (or whatever birth you end up with - as they don’t always align!) hypnobirthing is a fantastic tool to keep you calm, give your birthing partner an important and practical role and to ensure you are confident in understanding your options and that you are in control of what happens to your body. 

We cannot thank Emma enough for her support and guidance in making the decision about whether or not to opt for the c-section and more importantly, helping us to deal with the difficult memories from our first birth. She is knowledgeable, engaging and her many years of experience as a clinical psychologist are evident in the way she delivers her sessions. 


Hannah's Story

After having had a breech birth and an elective Caesarean section with my first baby, I was keen to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) with my second baby. I was sceptical about HypnoBirthing as I mistakenly thought that it was pseudoscience and, at that point in time, was all for having every pain-relieving drug available to birthing mothers! 

Despite this, my husband and I decided to take a one-to-one HypnoBirthing course with Emma, as we wanted to give the VBAC every chance of success. We soon discovered that HypnoBirthing is actually completely logical and scientific, as it is all about keeping the mind and body calm, so that the birthing muscles can stay relaxed and do the job nature intended them to do. The course helped us to address our (often subconscious) fears about the birthing process and gave us the techniques we needed to help us to birth as calmly as possible. 

Emma has a lovely, non-judgemental approach and tailored the course perfectly to suit our situation. She explained everything to us clearly and we really enjoyed the interactive sessions, especially learning the different relaxation techniques. Her experience as a clinical psychologist was apparent, as she has a very professional approach and is an excellent listener. We left the course feeling excited and prepared for the birth of our baby.

When my labour started, we both found the HypnoBirthing techniques that we had learnt really helpful. We listened to the positive birthing affirmations in the car on the way to the hospital and my husband guided me through the breathing techniques, which kept both of us calm. When we arrived at the hospital, my labour was already quite advanced and the gas and air I was offered made me feel sick, so I was extremely glad that I had practised the ‘surge’ breathing exercises to help me to manage the discomfort of (what we later learnt) was an obstructed labour. Due to this, I eventually had to have an emergency Caesarean section. Despite 12 hours of difficult labour, I never even thought to ask for an epidural, which was a complete turnaround for me from when I began the course, as HypnoBirthing had let me stay in control enough mentally to cope with the experience without the use of medication. When the doctor told me I would have to have a C-section, I was initially very upset, but I repeated the HypnoBirthing affirmation ‘I will accept whatever turn my birthing takes’ over and over to myself, which helped both of us to accept this turn of events.  

I would highly recommend a HypnoBirthing course with Emma. She really helps you to feel prepared, calm and confident in your natural ability to birth, however your baby ultimately arrives. 

Please do let me know if you would like to add your story here.

Please do let me know if you would like to add your story here.




Thanks again for your help with everything. Our little boy arrived on July 18th at 5:03am. I was induced in the end which was a bit of a scary process but the labour itself was very smooth once it kicked off and he was born without any intervention and I didn’t even have one stitch! 

I really found the affirmations that you gave us helpful and helped me through the transition phase most.

It was really amazing that you were able to give us such powerful tools in such a relatively short period of time.




The refresher session we did with Emma was brilliant. I had used HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method for my son's birth 2.5 years ago, and knew I wanted to do the same for the birth of my daughter, but we needed some guidance.

Emma tailored the session to our needs focusing on the different techniques I could use though labour, and also how my husband, Warren could be involved and help.

During the session, Emma expertly guided us though a fear release meditation, which was really powerful, and definitely helped to prepare us both mentally for labour and birth, whatever happened.

My daughter Scarlett was born calmly into water on her due date! I had quite a long (14 hours) early labour which stopped and started. The knowledge and techniques Emma shared on staying calm and getting labour going again kept me present and in control.

Baby Scarlett was born in the birthing pool with no intervention or drugs within an hour of arriving at the birth centre. We couldn’t have asked for a more calm natural birth. Thank you for you help and support Emma x




Emma’s approach to HypnoBirthing is calm, personal and free from judgement. I came to Emma quite late in second pregnancy after having some difficulties. I wanted to reconnect with my body and baby and prepare for birth and after. Emma listened, guided and helped me do that.